Professional Teeth Cleanings

Professional teeth cleaning.No matter if you daily floss and brush the teeth without fail, it’s still vital to come in for professional teeth cleaning session regularly. This is especially true if you don’t take care of your teeth very well.

Once your teeth are thoroughly cleaned by the dental hygienist, they will be smoother to the touch, quite a bit brighter and most importantly, very clean.

These cleanings are not for looks alone! The teeth should be cleaned professionally due to built-up layers of a sticky film full of bacteria called plaque, as well as rock-hard deposits of a substance known as calculus or tartar.

These are quite hard to get rid of if you don’t use specialized dental tools. If they get below your gums or stay on the teeth too long, bacteria will reproduce rapidly on the teeth surface.

Plus, bacteria can produce acids that will rot the teeth and cause gum disease.

If you don’t take care of this problem, it can cause the gums to become inflamed and infected and could cause disease that affects the entire body.

Preventive dental procedures such as teeth cleaning are called prophylaxis, which is derived from a Greek word that means to guard or protect against something. When it comes to dental usage, it means to prevent gum disease and teeth decay.

When it is done along with a normal dental exam, getting your teeth cleaned professionally helps tremendously to control these from happening. Plus, it’s a great time for you to talk to the dentist about your oral hygiene and see if you have any oral health issues.

Professional Cleaning Technique

Usually, dental hygienists are who professionally clean the teeth. They are very skilled technicians who utilize tools created especially for teeth cleaning.

Each patient has different oral hygiene needs, so the hygienist gears the procedure to each person. Still, most cleaning sessions are very similar.

Firstly, a dental hygienist examines the inside of your mouth to see how healthy all the tissues are. Next, they clean the teeth utilizing metal tools called curettes or ultrasound scalers to get rid of the calculus and plaque that is on the teeth.

An ultrasonic scaler is equipped with a small vibrating tip, and the hard deposits on the teeth get broken up during the high-frequency vibration of the tip. This doesn’t hurt your teeth, as there is constantly a stream of water pouring from the scaler that both cools its tip and helps get rid of the plaque.

Plus it washes the debris away. A few hygienists favor the curettes. These metal tools are specially curved and are shaped so they can help the hygienist clean all around and between your teeth. This tool is best for sensitive teeth, as it is usually not as uncomfortable.

If used by a skilled dentist or hygienist, only a medium amount of pressure is needed to scrape away the plaque and debris from the teeth. This is true when using either of the teeth cleaning tools.

Lastly, the hygienist uses a low speed rotating brush with a soft, rubbery tip to polish your teeth. First, they apply a gritty substance onto the brush that is similar to normal toothpaste, and the teeth get polished as the brush spins, thus making them shiny, smooth and sparkling clean.

Requirements to Have Good Oral Health

The majority of patients feel little pain while getting their teeth clean. In fact, some people even like it, especially when they see the dramatic end results!

However, if your teeth haven’t been cleaned for a while, you may need a couple of minutes to adjust to the feeling of teeth cleaning session. If you are uncomfortable, the hygienist can sometimes put some numbing gel on your mouth or some other kind of anesthetic.

Gums that are inflamed due to bacteria can bleed or end up sore while your teeth are being cleaned. You can possibly keep this from happening the next time by improving your flossing usage or gargling with a special rinse.

It could also mean you need to get your teeth professionally cleaned more often. This kind of regular upkeep will aid you in avoiding needing additional, more complicated dental procedures in the future. Plus, it will provide the top chances of having your natural teeth for the rest of your life!

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